Nov 7

Gaining Traction – Importance of Forklift Tires

Often tires are the last thing on our mind when it comes to the operation of our vehicles.  It isn’t till the Minnesota winter hits do people take into think about tires.  Tires can make or break us when traveling in winter.

Tires are just as important on forklifts as other major components of a unit.  Worn tires can impact other mechanical components of the equipment.  Worn axles, forks, steering function can all be a result of worn tires.  Nevertheless, worn tires can effect safe load handling in day to day operations of your business.

At Quality Forklift we think tires are vital to a machines performance.  So important that we run a full-time tire truck focused on addressing the tire needs of our customers.  Our tire truck arrives on site, removes the tires from your lift and presses new tires at your location.  This saves downtime and efficiently gets your equipment back up and running.

Call us today or visit our tire press page to send a request- (952) 895-9918 – we offer a wide variety of flat rate pricing to get you into a new set of tires!


Tire pricing current at 11/2019 – prices subject to change. Contact our service department to confirm pricing and availability.