Nov 14

Safety Lights Bring Added Awareness to Forklifts in the Workplace.

There are many features on a forklift that play a role in forklift safety in a warehouse.  A recent trend is the installation of blue safety lights.

Blue Safety lights emit a blue light ahead of or behind a forklift – this light hits the ground – making it easy for people in an area to see a forklift is nearby.  This is especially effective where there are high rows and aisles, or product and corners are difficult to see around.

Blue is not the only option .  Red safety lights can also be installed.  While blue indicates a forward or reverse moving direction, red is used on the sides of the forklift to indicate a parameter to be clear of.  Further reducing risk of collision between a pedestrian and the moving piece of equipment.

Our road service technicians have completed many safety light installations for customers.  Call our service department today – (952) 895-9918 – we will be happy to find a solution to best fit your operation.