UniCarriers Forklift Raise Your Productivity Sales Event


Purchase a qualifying UniCarriers Forklift between 5/1/2021 and 7/31/2021 and you’ll receive a $1,000 factory rebate or special lease pricing. Leases start at $259 a month.


Eligible Models

Model Family Fuel Type Model Family Lease Payment Fuel Type
BXC30-BXC80 36V or 48V BXC50 $259 36V or 48V
CF30-CF80 Gas, LP or Dual Fuel CF50 $259 LP
AF30-AF50 Gas, LP or Dual Fuel AF50 $259 LP
PF30-PF70 Gas, LP or Dual Fuel PF50 $275 LP


$1,000 Factory Rebate on Qualifying Purchases:

  • $1,000 USD direct to dealer rebate only for select new retail sales orders.
  • Qualifying Purchases include:
    • New factory sold orders entered in UniCarriers Forklift’s Truck Order System.
    • The conversion of a Stock order to a Sold order that has not been shipped by UniCarriers Forklift via instructions provided below.
    • Unit Sold from the dealer’s floor stock and notified to UniCarriers Forklift via instructions provided below.


Special Lease Program on Qualifying Customers:

  • Special Lease Payments are for 64-month FMV with 1,500 annual hours and normal/clean application only.
  • The Special Lease Payment will only apply to rental spec machines. Please find the allowed specifications below:
    • CF50: 187 TSU / Hang-on SS / Single hose grp
    • AF50: 187 TSU / Hang-on SS / Single hose grp
    • PF50: 187 TSU / Hang-on SS / Single hose grp / Solid pneumatic tires


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Program Rules:

  • New factory sold orders must be marked as a Retail Sold order before the program deadline.
  • All orders (dealer-owned floor stock units, new factory orders and pipeline) must be entered on
  • the Dealer Toolbox found at toolbox.unicarriersamericas.com. To register an order:
    • Click the “UniCarriers Forklift Raise Your Productivity” link in the Rebates section of the Toolbox links.
    • Fill out all information in the form related to the order.
    • Confirmation email of submittal will be sent to the email address on your toolbox account. Email confirmation is required for qualification.
  • All rebates must be entered into the Toolbox no later than 11:59PM CDT on July 31, 2021 to qualify.
  • All rebates entered by UniCarriers Forklift for new sold orders or converted stock orders (pipeline trucks) will appear as a Sales Program on your Order Acknowledgement.
  • Qualifying rebates will be provided by UniCarriers Forklift through either a reduction on the invoice for a qualifying truck order or a credit to the dealer’s parts account credit on floor stock orders.
  • UniCarriers Forklift reserves the rights to chargeback if the order is not warranty registered within 60 days of the shipment of the truck from UniCarriers Forklift or the ITA registration date of the order on a stock truck.
  • This sales program cannot be combined with other retail and/or wholesale sales programs or SSA.
  • UniCarriers Forklift reserves the rights on new factory orders under this program to schedule first available.
  • UniCarriers Forklift reserves the rights to modify the sales program at any time during the program.
  • Approved orders will be eligible for Warchest subject to Warchest program rules.
  • Dealer must be in good standing to be eligible for this retail sales program.
  • Must adhere to Competitive OEM Dealer Sales guidelines.
  • No quantity limitations apply.
  • The Special Lease Payments are not available in Canada, Puerto Rico, or Mexico.